Ryan Quick

Camelback Series

How We Learn:
Making Sense of the Internet of Things

A discussion of the ramifications of the Internet of Things as it applies to technology and to the world around us. Some of the greatest problems that we face in the next 5 to 10 years of computing, are not only how to gather and control the vast amount of incoming data which will be produced by the Internet of Things, but how to actually learn and make sense of all the information that we gather. We will need new paradigms in hardware, software, and in processing to be able to effectively leverage this data and to bring about the dramatic impact on our lives which everyone anticipates from the Internet of Things. We will look at some of the emerging technologies at the forefront of this conversation: how they are being leveraged in our industry, and where we will need the most help in the future. We will discuss the ways in which collaborations like the SkySong Connect conference can play a crucial role in helping deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things, and the intelligent world presaged by it.